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Specialist websites for driving instructors


A more in depth SEO


If you’re looking for a more advanced SEO solution, but not ready to go to a managed solution then this is a great option for you

We will install the full Yoast plug  and ensure the main site pages are set following guidelines wherever appropriate

You then have access to monitor and make changes when necessary

Images can be a major burden on your site so we install the ‘Elementor Image Optimiser’ plug in which can greatly reduce the load images can put on your site

We will also do a quarterly site review to make sure your main pages are following guidelines

More advanced SEO tool so you can get a better insight into your sights performance and how it can be improved for the searches Any work we do on your site will also be checked to ensure it follows guidelines where appropriate We perform quarterly reviews to check your sites main pages are following guidelines 24/7 support direct from Yoast Access to the Yoast training academy

To get the most from this option, you will need to do regular work on your site to make sure it follows it’s guidelines & recommendations.

This doesn’t mean you have to be on it daily but you will need to put in a bit of time & effort


If you want to give your site a great chance of success but without going for a managed service then this is a great option.

You don’t need to have any experience as you will have access to the Yoast ‘SEO Acedemy’ training.

The set up includes
  • Installing the full Pro plug in
  • Set up including work to adjust for  recommendations on main pages
  • Install & set up the Elementor image optimisation plugin

There is an additional monthly fee paid with your main site fee – will vary for larger sites

From just £25/mth