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Get online quickly & easily with Driving Instructors Sites!

I'm pretty confident I'm right in presuming you're here because you want a website that ..

  • Is really simple to set up
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Is optomised for search & mobile
  • Is Realistically priced
  • Has great content 'out of the box'

Having specialised in driving instructor sites since 2007, I know what works to help YOU generate more traffic to, and leads from your site. Not only is all the above catered for but you get SO much more!

  • Content managed for you e.g. show me - tell me
  • Fantastic free to use features e.g. photo / video galleries
  • Great support
  • Honest advice (with no false promises)
  • The best range of options including a full diary / booking system
  • A site that is automatically updated in the background so its coding and features will always be up to date.


Your new website is customised to suit your requirements and preferences so you get a site to be proud of and comes with a dedicated mobile layout INCLUDED in the price.

A fantasticly low set up cost with simple ongoing pricing!

Over the last couple of years I have been working to create a system that allows me to keep all my custoemrs sites up to date with it's coding, layout and features. As a result, the sites have also become much easier to set up in teh first place. As a consequence, I have been able to dramatically reduce the intial set up cost makign this an extremely cost effective way to get your site online.

This covers everything required to get your site up and running including a .co.uk domain if you don't already have one. The ongoing cost covers everything needed to keep your site up and running including domain name, hosting, access to editing facility and any automatic updates. So you can tailor the site to suit your needs, you can choose from 4 package options.

24/7 editing
Multi-galleries   Add any number of image or video galleries
Multi-price lists   Add any number of price lists to be displayed on any pages (e.g. different lists for Auto / Manual / Trailer towing
Multi-contact forms   Add any number of editable contact forms to be displayed on any pages (e.g. different forms for Auto / Manual / Trailer towing
Managed content   More generic content such as Show me / Tell me, Licence requirements, DVSA videos etc are managed for you so any appropriate changes are automatically updated on your site
Daily database backups   Your site is safe with a daily database backup. Even in the unlikely event of complete disaster, your site can quickly be restored.
Changeable colours scheme   Bored of your site colour scheme? No problem, you can change it with a single button click!
FAQs   Add an interactive FAQ list on any pages
PDF downloads   Load PDF files for your pupils to download straight from your site.
SSL certificate   This displays a padlock next to the site address in the browsers address bar. NB This is NOT included in the monthly fee and requires a seperate renewal (currently £30/yr).
Premium colour Schemes   Includes gradient colour schemes to really jazz up your site
'1 Click' Seasonal themes   From a selection of pre-set themese, your site colour scheme, background images and font are changed with a single button click. When you de-activate the seasonal theme, your original theme is automatically reset.
Image slidershow   Add image slideshows to your page or even your price descriptions
Facebook messenger   Have a Facebook messenger app on any/all pages in your site allowing people to contact you via Facebook rather than having to fill out a form.
Price list SMS   Do you get lots of enquiries asking for prices even though they're on your site? This feature adds a small form to your site allowing the visitor to have your prices text to them. It will ask their name and phone number and tell them that you will be in contact.
Keyword monitoring  Get an independent search ranking report for a chosen key phrase(s) eg. Driving lessons (area)
Free design changes  Want to change more than your site colours? This feature allows you to change the whole design as often as you like!
Seasonal stock images   Get more variety with a range of seasonal stock images allowing you to have, for example, a Summer, Halloween or Christmas themed site
Custom apple touch icon   Have a custom Icon for your site which is used when your site is added to a visitors favourites or bookmarks
Multi-sized images   Your main site image will be created in various sizes and the best size used automatically depending on the device being used.
Custom colour scheme   Want a colour scheme specific to you? Fine, you can create your own!
SEO Lite   Adds custom coding, structured data, extra meta tags and backlinks to your site to help with search rankings which you can monitor for up to 6 key areas.
Set up

Please note that the sites are aimed at driving instructors in UK, NI, ROI or Australia. Set up costs for other business types may be higher