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Specialist websites for driving instructors

Your logo should be as individual as you making you stand out from the crowd & easy to recognise on your driving school car as you drive past!

Welcome to our Logo Design Studio, where creativity meets exclusivity!

We take great pride in the work we do and creating your logo is no different

Unlike many others who rely on stock libraries or apps to create generic results, our logos are handcrafted, resulting in original piece of work  and a distinct identity for your driving school.

With us, you can be confident that your logo is truly yours, free from any unlicensed elements as we create them from scratch.

Vision SOM

Apart from the black & red, this was a complete departure from the original logo.

I used the 2 'i's to give a nod to instructors and pupil with the steering wheel for the 'O'. Making it into and eye gives a subtle addition to the 'vision' theme

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FAB, Brisbane Aus​

With an obvious connection to the driving school and the road spelling out the school name, I wanted to include additional pointers to the location.

The blue and green show represent the Brisbane location with a river flowing through. I also included 2 of the citys famous landmarks, the Brisbane Wheel and the 1 William tower.

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Cass'Dale, France

Cass'Dale are an independent "Magasin Du Producteur' in rural France offering only the very best locally sourced products

Their logo is simple and fun and has been used not only on their website & social media but also on printed media too. 

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