Terms & Conditions

I try and work as flexibly as possible and don't believe in holding customers to ransom if they should decide they want to try an alternative service, however please note the terms below.

Domain ownership

When your domain is registered by Driving Instructor Sites, this will done on your behalf and is registered in your name. Should, for whatever reason, you want control of your domain, this will be made available to you through your own account with the hosts 'Names Co' (names.co.uk). We will not charge for this and you will be able to change settings to point to another server if you wish. There is no charge for this but once a domain has been moved from our account, we no longer has any access to your domain settings.

If you then want to move your domain from Names Co, there is a transfer fee which is paid directly to them

Website files and access

Our websites rely on connection to several databases and will not work if the site files are phyiscally moved to a different server.

You have access to edit content on your site through our control panel but no physical files, database content or images can be moved off our server.

If a renewal payment is overdue, access to editing is temporarily recinded until payments are bought up to date.

FTP access, server passwords and direct access to the server will not be granted under any circumstance

Termination of service

Once your initial site setup has been paid, you will enjoy access to all the editing, features and options appropriate for the package you have in place. Ongoing payments are by monthly direct debit only.

Cancellation of the direct debit will be deemed a cancellation of service and your site will be taken offline after a week. We would of course check with you to ensure this wasn't done in error prior to taking it offline. Setting up an alternative direct debit will bring the site back online again, normally immediately, however, if a domain name has expired, it can take up to 48 hrs.

On termination of service, you can request to have your domain name made available to you but no files , database content or emails can be supplied under any circumstances.