Refund policy

Cancellations and refunds

New sites

Because we offer a free demo and sites are approved prior to purchase, cancellations and refunds are not relevant .

In some circumstances, eg. if an option is ordered in error, a refund or alternative option can be arranged as long as we are informed immediately and appropriate work has not been started.

Ongoing 'subscription' payments

Once the initial set up fee has been paid, a monthly fee applies and is paid by direct debit (an alternative method is available for non-UK customers). There is no minimum term but should you want to have your site removed, we ask for no more that 1 month notice. Your direct debit will be cancelled immediately, however, if payment is already in progress and cannot be stopped, no refund will be given but your site can stay online until the next payment date is due.

SSL Certificates

Once installed, SSL certificates cannot be transferred and no refund given should you transfer your site or take it offline


Refunds will be made where a payment has been made in error.