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Send Emails In Html Format
Example of an HTML EmailIf you want to make more of an impression when sending email, then this feature allows you to send out formatted emails either to an individual or, with the included mailing list feature, send bulk emails.

The layout of the email has to be created individually and will include a logo, your contact info, links to your site and other appropriate sites e.g.. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you have an email you would commonly send e.g. an introductory mail for new pupils with terms and conditions, then you can set this as a default content for your individual emails but you can change it to suit.

The mailing list allows you to add a name and email address which you can edit or remove if required. When bulk mails are sent, a link for the recipient to remove their email from the mailing list is added to the bottom of the mail.

Please note that mails have to be sent via the control panel but a copy is sent to your own email for your records.

NB. Once the layout has been completed and agreed, a small fee may be charged for future changes.
Cost £35.00

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