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Add Additional Instructors With Their Own Access
This facility allows you to add details of upto 5 instructors to your site. This is intended to be used for instructors you work with but could possibly be used to generate income by offering a page to instructors outside your area. This is also an ideal resource for instructor associations.

The admin controls are simply added to your control panel while the individual instructors would access this via another control panel on this site.

A new page is added to your site which, when opened, randomly lists the instructors basic details (contact info and areas they cover). The visitor then clicks a link to open a page containing full details.

You can set your own preferences :

Allow / disable access for instructors to update their own description text (up to 10,000 characters). This can also be set to notify you when they make any changes.

Allow / disable the ability for them a link to their own website

Allow / Disable access to your site statistics

Display a search facility on the instructor page so visitors can see which instructors cover their area.

When set up, a new section of the control panel will be available to you which will allow you to set & edit these preferences plus,

Add, edit or delete instructors details
Send general emails to all instructors with one click
Send login details to a specific instructor

The instructors have access to their control panel in which they can

Edit the list of areas they cover
Edit their description (if you have allowed this)
Upload an image to be displayed on their page
Contact you for general enquiries
Contact us for support enquiries
Change password
Edit contact info
View site statistics (if you have allowed this)

This facility is aimed at customers with a few instructors (details of up to 5 can be added) but this can be extended to allow more instructors for a monthly fee
Cost £120.00