Digital marketing for driving instructors & driving schools

Digital marketing service

With daily personalised posts to your social media platforms, we can help you stay on top of the competition

We’re very proud to tell you about our new digital marketing service aimed at providing driving instructors a cost effective way to increase their online performance.

There are other services that will post on your Facebook page for you and It would be very easy to follow suit and post the same generic post for each customer at the same time every day with no personalisation and indeed, if this is what you want, we could certainly look at providing this kind of service.

What we prefer to offer, however, is a big step up from this.

Rather than creating a list of posts and then setting this for all customers, each customer has a custom list so will have different posts to other customers each day. Additionally, where appropriate, each post is personalised with your info (phone no, main area covered etc) and your logo is used on every graphic.

For our website customers, we’ve gone even further and created site content that corresponds to the Theory and Highway Code posts. A link in the post takes the viewer to a page on your site where they can find the correct response and more information.

We will post for you every day and each week you get a minimum of

  • 2 x Highway Code questions posted in AM
  • 2 x highway code answers posted in PM
  • 3 x Theory questions posted in AM
  • 3 x Theory answers posted in PM
  • 3 x General promo posts

When a theory or highway code question is posted, this is done in the morning. The post includes a link to a corresponding page on your site (or your own area on our 'learners support' site) which has the correct answer and more info but the answer and additional info is also posted in a separate post later the day.

That’s a minimum of 13 posts per week to each of your social media platforms!