About Driving Instructor Sites

Who are Melgab Media and why trust us with your online marketing ?

Darren Berrecloth, Driving instructor sites

Since 2003, as a professional photographer & web designer, Darren had been providing corporate photography and bespoke websites, predominantly for the retail industry as ‘Melgab’ (made from his daughters names, Melissa & Gaby!).

Having spoken to a driving instructor who was quite obviously being ripped off by their web design company, “Driving Instructor Sites’ was established in 2006 supplying, as the name suggests, websites for driving instructors. The business has built by giving customers not only a product they can be proud of, but backed up with excellent customer service giving them the confidence they are dealing with a supplier they can TRUST to give them honest advice without any hard sell.

In 2017, Darren’s Son In Law joined him allowing Darren to concentrate on development. As well as being able to make radical improvements to the existing list products & services, this has led to the introduction of a whole range of new ones aimed at helping driving instructors with their digital marketing.

A new team member, Gaby (Darrens daughter), was added who’s previous professional experience with social media for clients such as KFC has added significantly to our ability to provide a truly unique yet very affordable digital marketing service aimed specifically at driving instructors.

In Aug 2019, the decision was made to become a limited company and using the original ‘Melgab’ company name, we became ‘Melgab Media Ltd’.

Although still very much a family business, we offer services that even much larger companies could struggle to provide. Being small also makes us much more flexible and able to adapt to changing trends more quickly while keeping prices at a fraction of what you would be charged for a similar service elsewhere.

We are very excited about what is to come and look forward to continuing to work closely with our new & existing customers to ensure they have all the help and support possible for their online marketing.

*You may be interested to know this customer is still using our services!