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Facebook Graphics

Once you have a Facebook page or other social media precence, it can be easy to let it slip out of site by rarely posting to it. Finding things to post can of course be tricky but we can help with these sets of graphics.

When ordered, please confirm your Facebook page or website address so we can get your logo. Alternatively you can email it to darren@drivinginstructorsites.co.uk.

If you have a FB profile is to send as zipped files via FB Messenger. If you do not have this, then an alternative method will be sorted.

*We will endeavour to adapt your logo to best Suit the graphics but if you are able to supply a large format version then this can be a big help! Due to initial work involved, the minimum first order is 4 sets but you order individual sets after.

To help keep costs down, direct bank payment is prefered to acc 09756618 sort 090129 but you can also pay by card below.

Buy 2 get 1 FREE

You get a free set with every 2 you purchase. Simply select how many you want to purchase and let us know the sets you require below (or by email / txt).

Sets (NB min 4 for 1st order)
Sets required
Set 12
Set 11
Set 10
Set 9
Set 8
Set 7
Set 6
Set 5
Set 4
Set 3
Set 2
Set 1